Mildly Psychotic, I believe is the overall state of some people. First, allow me to highlight a truism with regards observation. It’s a view, not a veritas.

The structural elements of hierarchies manifest in the form of patterning, which become increasingly self-evident, through repetition.

A pattern of behavior in a person can accurately be used to describe a trait which in turn defines character. Patterns are paramount. They define things, by their patterns things define, distinguish and identify themselves. Tweed and Twirl, Houndstooth and Paisley. Giraffe, Zebra, Tortoise shell.


Three strikes and you’re out –

She looked at the man’s face, while he stopped the conversation abruptly. She was mid-sentence. He decided to steer the conversation where he had wanted it to be.

He would, inevitably arrive at himself. Himself. The view of himself through his window. Her interference was annoying.

The evidence of a light in the head not yet switched on mounted, and she counted the red flags as each had popped up – there were quite a few already at the start. Tallying up the numbers, it was  clear there would be obstacles to mutual understanding.  Intersubjectivity would not be possible, but she decided not to shut the door on this one, and keep the window open in the zone of the fair and  free mind. And it was possible that the light would be switched on at some point, though she was hardly convinced.