Creative Writing

History should be given less credence, it spans short cycles and paints perfect pictures from the rear view mirror of the writer wearing rose-tinted glasses. Geography is not like that. The evidence of the wind and seasons leaving their mark on landscapes remains for millennia upon millennia.

Take the renaissance for instance, the powerful dynasty – the Medici family – and its ruling class seated high upon the apex of the western world and frame of reference, depicted as saintly and generous with secured space in the walled garden of paradise.

Passes into Paradise easily bought and favourably sold by family members in positions of the Apostolic See, or maybe – yes, perhaps even definitely the Papacy.

Generally speaking most history books paint the facade, the beauty of the period, but if you dig a little deeper there’s so much more to be found, that shows another view. A bit like the moon, whose solemn and only face we see is the same night upon night upon night – yet we know the moon has another face, facing outwardly and our positions on this earth make it impossible for us to see the other side of the moon…











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