Guts being torn out of SA film industry

When we all begin to understand how the system has taken on the behaviours of a predator – a thing that preys on individuals in the darkest hour of the soul, in moments of utter despair when the individual is weakened by the blow after blow, then perhaps we will, as individuals, begin to reconsider our actions and what it is we do to contribute towards empowering the beast that knows only to devour and wound mortally. Long Live the Beautiful

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The South African film and TV industry is being destroyed. Despite alleged “growth”, a heartless, ruthless industry continues to cut a cruel bloody swathe through its members, most of whom own their own businesses or are freelance technical crew. Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 19.49.09.png

The latest casualty is Clive Sacke, a talented Director of Photography, who committed suicide this past weekend. I pay homage to him and a stream of others claimed by illness, despair, depression, and the failure of the system:  Des Burmeister, Ben Maduma, Johnny Tulukeni, Mohammed Jali, Ricardo de Carvalho, Cheryl de Carvalho, Rene Smith, Ben Phiri, Kenny Fisher, George Sithole, Ken Kirsten, Charles Jameson, Charl Phypher, Justin Fouche, Peter Makwela, Rick Lomba, Sally Caro, Jamie Uys, Les Volpe, Greg Cameron, Manie van Rensburg, Alan Barnes, Bevel Hurwitz, Xavier Arce, Junaid Ahmed, Ina Roux, Robert Russell, Philip Marsden, Ricardo Cornelius, De Wet Eysele, Collen Rampedi, Paul Witte, Gavin Horne, Giaco Angelini, Douglas…

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