Day is Grey

It was a day today that I will always experience in a certain way. Three years ago, I remember the weather- it was overcast and spat showers of misty cape rain intermittently. Later in the afternoon all the clouds had dissipated and the sun had come shining through, and with every ray of sunlight I felt the stabbing pain to my heart. Today it was the other way around. I woke up very early and the sun was rising in a clear blue sky from the eastern corner of the world. Later it flipped and the heavy clouds were coming from the south west corner – the day is grey and the misty cape rain has been spitting and splattering intermittently – a reversal of the weather.

The second thought that streamed through my mind when I first opened my eyes on the sun shiny day ‘A Ground work for the Metaphysics of Morals’ – Kant, I have an impression that is quite interesting because even though he wasn’t a modern philosopher I’ve always seen him as such- isn’t that strange. I guess it’s because of the concept of the metaphysical which for me is what the subconscious was before Jung named it the subconscious- at least that’s what I think.

Nonetheless, I began writing a manifestation on Friday, and I completed it today. It’s about lip service, absence of ethics and impunity or assumed impunity.

I’ve had issues with Vodacom before and the thing that always surprises is that for every batch of really bad customer service specialists there’s one that comes shining through like the proverbial knight in armour. But my recent situation stretches beyond the technical and underscores a similar experience I have had with other corporations and business entities. It is very disturbing and if we are going to be talking about the poor and unethical behaviour of government – which it is- in order to fix things from the bottom up, we also need to address issues such as the one I’ve written about.

I’ll add the Links to the various channels over the course of the next few hours as I begin to broadcast my manifestation and a call to action for everybody who has experienced similar – so that we can create the required space to begin the very necessary discussion about an ethical oriented society and how far we meet, exceed or miss the mark.


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