Monday the Eleventh January 2016

My day was planned … I sketched it out while drifting off to sleep last night,

…waking slowly, silently this morning with the smell of freshly ground Colombian coffee beans wafting through the already hot house, I checked the news and then began posting the music that forms a large part of my former years- the legend has passed on-

sadness, disbelief, shock and sorrow filled the news feeds and reels, but I felt something different

something completely different,

not sadness, but a sense of something else

some kind of opening:

I really believed, the stories and characters he brought to life from the very first time I heard the sound of his voice and glorious music;

so I still really believe, and it really has to be that there’s a star man waiting in the sky who’d really like to meet us but he thinks he’ll blow our mind…









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