Mother Nature’s Nurture And Amazing Way

It was the second stray cat who’d come in from the cold to give birth to her kittens in my studio. The first came in May back in 06 and I named her Ms May. The second, who had been left behind by her owner had made it known to me that the house was hers, so I called her Moxxi.

It was the second litter she’d had in the house, and when she’d given birth to the first lot, she carried them away and after about a month brought one into the house, who was loud and very demanding, my mom called him Ears.
She had the second lot outside, it wasn’t too cold, towards the end of Autumn and she guarded the her babies jealously.

One day after it had been raining all night, I carried a thick weatherproof tarp of sorts to make sure that the kitties would stay dry and warm. I didn’t want any getting snuffles.

Moxxi growled at me as I approached, but I ignored her and made sure their little cove was well-protected should the rain come back again. It didn’t and when I next went to check on the little creatures, Moxxi had moved them elsewhere.

I was glad because they’re wild cats, and they’re needed here to keep the snakes, rats and mole rats at bay. Though I do occasionally give them treats and things. They love butternut and green veg with a drizzle of oil and salt and pepper, but they really do prefer frogs and snakes, rats and mice and even the occasional bird, but the birds are way too clever over here.

One night I was working at my computer, it was around 9 o clock when I heard a sound, which I did and didn’t recognize almost immediately but my attention was totally usurped by the kittens who’d been sleeping in my big armchair. Moxxi and Ears were also there, sleeping lazily.

The kittens sprang up and darted for cover in a matter of nanoseconds, while Ears and Moxxi remained unmoved and yawned as though bored stretching lazily in their snoozing. It was then that I recognized the sound, it was a baboon calling, and I was stunned, shocked and in utter awe and disbelief by the swift scattering and darting of the kittens, darting for cover in all directions.

The older cats, Moxxi the mom and Ears the big brother, weren’t at all moved by this sound, but the little kittens responded with lightning speed darting for cover in a manner that I’d never seen or known, it was self-evident to me that these little kittens were still tuned into Mother Nature, because the baboons round here, and the crows, eagles, owls and other predators prey on the weakest, because the weakest can hardly put up a fight, so a helpless kitty is an easy meal for a hungry congress of baboons.

Having lived in this rural and remote zone I’ve had experiences of Nature that haveEars opened my eyes to so many things of which I had no clue, no understanding and if I ever thought I had an innate understanding of Nature the experience out here has shown me that though I do have an innate sense of this awesome all encompassing thing I’ve come to know as Nature, I have little to no understanding but can only stand back in awe and fascination captivated by the steadfast pace of Nature’s changing hues and brilliance as well as the voracious strength that comes from this earth we all think we know but don’t.


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