It was the strangest reaction I’d ever seen, and heard too. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. Just the mention of a word, jargon seemed to send her into a spin which had her flapping wildly with a voice ten pitches higher than her normal tone. It was bizarre. But once it had happened several times I’d processed her reaction and had understood the woman had some weird response to technology and the internet. Asking her for her password sent her spinning like a top, jumping up from her chair and flapping her arms wildly, with her voice at that incredibly tight and high-pitched tone. Technophobia, I’m just wondering what it has replaced, because there had to have been something there to begin with… I mean it seems totally unrealistic to me to imagine that such a bizarre response to the word ‘Google’ or Search is normal, or natural. It’s just too weird for words, but now I’ve got my eyes peeled and I’m on the prowl to see whether there are others who have such an insanely visceral and clearly neural response to technology and the web…


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