Gatvol… I am, it’s true, but there are many who have no clue what the word Gatvol means and intends to say. Those of us from this little spot on the southern tip of an angry dark and stained continent, know the meaning and what it intends to say;

there’s also the possibility that certain countries on the other side of the equator… Indonesia and the Netherlands … can suss the meaning of it, the word Gatvol, and what’s more they’d be able to say it, and say it without fault or flaw in pronunciation.

The G is not a hard g, as in God, Guard, Gold, Given, Gun, Gang, Gross, Greed, Gluttonous, Guts, Going Gone nor is it a soft sound like gee, you see

it starts at the spot midway, no wait – not quite there, it’s just a little above the Adam’s apple in the throat, I believe science or biology calls it the Epiglottis – and it starts as a rolling sort of sound growing into a low kind of growling, before it reaches the back end of the tongue and hits like a soft sort of snoring, against the palate, the roof of the mouth before the sound comes rolling out,

Gatvol. And it means I’ve had enough. Yea, I’ve had it, saturated and fed up.
The other side of the equator where this G sound is known and widely used is the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia and Israel. Perhaps there are other languages that use this guttural sound?


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