Ergo Steyn – Pen Name

Everybody dreams, but not everyone remembers the dream in the morning. It’s not realistic, it is pure fantasy to say ‘I don’t dream’.

It can’t be that there are merely a few of us on earth who dream. Not a chance, it simply must be that everybody dreams; even cats and dogs dream for goodness sakes! So when somebody tells you they don’t dream, don’t believe it.

It’s just not possible, it is impossible that there are those among us totally cut off, completely denied access to the rich heritage that is The Dream of the Human Being, the species, our species -us.

You don’t have to say a word to disturb their misconception, but think about it, does it make sense? No, it doesn’t, it makes no sense at all, sounds like utter nonsense.

To believe there are those among us who have no connection to the Dream is tantamount to a short-sightedness of note, one that chops us off at the knees or throat. How can it be taken as truth when the truth might just be a case of disremembering?

We’re older than our collective experience of ourselves as clans, tribes, civilizations, societies and nations. So much older.

Something like twenty-five thousand years older, and then our eyes are even older than that, millions of years older.

I believe it’s called the Cambrian Explosion which theorizes about the evolution of the Eye. The jury’s still out as to whether there were hundreds of evolutionary stages of the human eye before it came to be as it now is, on either side of the bridge of the nose, an index finger away from the ears on either side of the head, that being said, it’s not eyes that allows us to see the dream, or is it?

Were it the eyes, the dream would be externalized – not internalized, right? But I guess that’s REM, and so I wonder whether the rapid movement during this stage of sleep, which is the dream state, is in fact the rapid rolling of our pupils around the cavities of our eyes trying to catch the thread, trying not to miss the thread of the dream, as it passes in and through our being nightly while we sleep?

So, who among us can say for certain, say doubtlessly, say with certitude and truthfulness; ‘I do not dream’?
None. None among us can say for certain, say doubtlessly, say with certitude and truthfulness.

We all dream, not because I say it’s fact but because it’s obvious; after all aren’t we all just ego-individuals practising rituals of resting our bodies and retiring our minds because we need to rest these things, the visible, invisible and tangible expressions of our being?

And while we’re resting and retiring our bodies and our conscious minds, the Dreaming comes, and if we’re able, if we’re willing we can catch it, catch that little piece of flimsy nothingness meant for each and every one of us. So dream on dreamers, dream on, dream on because the dream is alive, and memory and remembering is persistent.


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