English mother-tongue Female Artist. Western mainframe influenced by Trade Winds and Integration –

Innovative and creative thinker, solutions-provider to all areas of stuckness in the world, or being and trying to be –

Read the stories and take the avenues of escape – albeit momentarily, but momentary bliss from the mundane and stress of everyday is like an ice cold glass of water on a sweltering hot day, or a warm cup of tea on an icy cold winter’s day.

It’s a moment of Zen.

professional services include;

  • business correspondences, documentation, everything from addressing the most senior level management about areas of concern/conflict to proofreading and editing dissertations, including compiling white papers, CVs, cover, thank you for interview, follow up, negotiation salary increase, termination of employment letters, concept papers, bids, proposals
  • digital marketing campaigns aimed at creating notable impact – from public service announcements to getting a critical mass to focus on a necessary development in the world that may harm/help universal well-being
  • new ways of seeing to provide fresh insights on bottlenecks in your business interests, supply chain management or career trajectory
  • art. fresh.original. art.

And then there are the short stories and short meanderings to breathe fresh new air into tight, tired spaces of an exhausted or challenged mind, and for these there is no charge. Receive. these. Gratis.